Horchata is one of the three typical drink flavors of Mexican aguas frescas, together with tamarindo and Jamaica. Horchata is made of rice with sugar, vanilla and cinnamon.   In occasions evaporated milk or condensed milk may be added too.  The recipe may vary depending on region and personal taste.

Our Horchata only requires the addition of water to make a delicious and refreshing traditional Mexican drink.

Kilocalorias 39
Proteinas 0 g
Grasa total 0 g
Colesterol 0 mg
Carbohidratos 10 g
Azucares totales 9 g
Fibra dietaria 1 g
Calcio 1%
Hierro 0%
Sodio 1 mg
Vitamina A 55%
Vitamina C 52%
Brix min 40
Acidez (como acido citrico) min 0.5
Ratio (relacion brix/acidez) 4.6-3.5

Mesoerobicos Max 50000 UFC/gr
Hongos y levaduras Max 3000 UFC/gr
Coliformes <29 UFC/gr